There is no formula for reinvention. That is why our method is always to have on hand a curated and current toolkit from which we can draw upon on demand.

Insight fieldwork & concept development

Design and field insight and data gathering efforts to

  • identify market needs and trends
  • define actionable audience segments
  • develop product and service concepts
  • facilitate alpha and beta stage pilots
  • validate business model drivers

Closed-door executive sessions, action workshops and corporate keynotes

Custom-developed sessions in a variety of formats including:

  • Closed-door briefings on the future of disruptive technologies affecting marketing and media, professional and financial services, and insurance
  • Design and facilitation of one-day innovation strategy workshop
  • Corporate keynotes on innovation and disruptive technologies and trends

Attracting and inspiring Talent

Create employee engagement programs that deliver innovation impacts:

  • Innovation readiness assessments
  • Internal challenge competitions and problem hacks
  • Lab in a box – 5 days from idea to working prototype
  • Communications and recognition programs

Vendor selection

For partners across marketing, advertising, measurement and employee engagement, we will help you navigate the options and negotiate on your behalf.

Interim CxO

Augment executive-suite capability by providing interim leadership in marketing, product, media, digital and innovation strategy, venture units and labs.

Second opinion

For venture investors, provide an informed second opinion for potential portfolio additions, partnerships, or for existing portfolio companies, including:

  • business model sanity check
  • media effectiveness
  • business development strategy
  • marketing plans

Marketing effectiveness

Stress test launch plans for readiness and performance, including:

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Marketing planning and measurement
  • Media performance
  • Capabilities sourcing and assessment – partners, agencies, vendors

Corporate program enablement

Design the innovation model that will fit corporate culture and inspire change

  • Goals and strategy
  • Governance and operating model
  • Organization design and talent strategy
  • Metrics
  • Partnerships
  • Environment