Success Stories

Our starting point is always a focus on results. Then we get to work to design solutions that deliver. Get to know us by what we have done for other brands and organizations.

An employee innovation platform

Designed and developed a corporate innovation challenge surpassing all expectations for volume and quality of business proposal submissions at program launch.  Devised a scrappy, effective approach based on winning practices of other companies, employee input, and commitment to set teams up for success.

Found new purpose


The necessity of change can sometimes come from great success. This technology firm had achieved all its original goals and felt like it had run out of purpose. Originally trying to solve the problem with an external innovation lab, we reunited the organization, and helped them understand what they believed in.

A sales journey for buyer needs and business results

Partnered with industry trade group representing public and private sector stakeholders to understand how lower/middle-income homeowners choose and finance energy conservation improvements. Found the common ground for practical recommendations to raise standards and improve selling and communications practices.

Launching in a crowded market

Designed a brand and suite of products to penetrate the heavily established advertising industry. 

Executive workshop to make innovation matter

Designed and led a custom one-day workshop for leaders of a regional professional services firm to advance innovation goals. Conducted pre-session readiness assessment, and led a series of activities culminating in development of a change management plan and setting product development investment priorities.


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