Who we are

A powerful pairing of corporate, startup and investor mindset and expertise that can increase any company’s innovation momentum.


Amy Radin, Partner

My passion is helping leaders create new value and growth amidst rapid change and rising complexity.

In my first career I held executive-level marketing and digital roles at big brands. Among these: I led the digital transformation of Citi Cards, and served as Citi’s first Chief Innovation Officer. At American Express, I invented a new type of insurance, and then transformed a stagnating payment product, both efforts resulting in big P&L contributions. As AXA’s CMO I delivered an award-winning digital experience, and put clients at the center of strategy within a historically intermediary-dominated business.

Seeing the possibilities to effect greater, positive change I launched a new career helping leaders do what needs to get done to move businesses forward. I blog on Huffington Post and Medium, run workshops and speak at corporate and industry events, and I am excited to be publishing my first book, a playbook for change makers and influencers, in 2018. 

Dax Hamman, Partner

Fascinated by the future and how technology can bring positive disruption to human society and relationships. Product is my thing. I specialize in understanding the needs of consumers and businesses, and finding interesting & innovative ways that technology can help solve for them. As a startup guy, I focus on making dollars from highly focused products; maximum impact from minimal investment. 

Passionate writer and speaker, primarily on topics related to business, product, marketing / advertising, and online safety.

I co-founded an awarded advertising technology company (Chango Inc), with a successful exit to the Rubicon Project ($RUBI). During that time in various roles (CPO, CRO, CMO) I innovated new marketing capabilities now commonly in use.